Excellent series on Education Pods and Full Stack Education. We seem to have decided as a nation to operate our K-12 educational system as a "Governmental System" rather than the front-line education of our children. Within the educational system, we have ignored innovation and continuous improvement, leaving that to the free market.

I am working on a new book now regarding the state of our educational system and these essays helped validate I was on the right track with certain aspects. Your Substack is much appreciated. Thanks!

David, Author of "Public Speaking for Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Success for Life!" (a previous book)

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Pretty confused by the chart -- seems like it's off by a factor of... 100?

By my reckoning,

* 4% of ~50 million students is 2 million homeschoolers

* 100 million in revenue at a price point of $10k means 10e8/10e4 = 10e4, so 10k students

* 10k / 2 million is .005, so half a percent of homeschoolers.

So, you'd need to be off past the top left of the table to hit the 100m/yr figure... unless I'm missing factors that you're including.

Is there a hidden variable that you're including that I'm missing here?

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